June 2020

Naked in Wonderland

Sending out your book to strangers for review is a little bit like sitting on an examining table, naked for all intents and purposes, waiting for a doctor you've never met to breeze through the door. In this particular case, it's 25 people I've never met - the lucky winners in my LibraryThing Author's Book Giveaway. Here's the deal. I offered copies of Grandmother's Devil & Other Tempting Tales to LibraryThing members, hoping they will read it and leave brief reviews on LibraryThing, Amazon and Goodreads. More than a hundred readers said they would like a copy and LibraryThing selected twenty-five lucky winners based upon an algorithm containing much secret sauce. The rules say I can't "require" a review in exchange for the book. No quid pro quo; there's too much of that going on these days. But "wink wink, nudge nudge, say no more," if you know what I mean. Good reviews are critical to a book's chances of success, one of the few ways independently published writers can hope to get their books noticed by a wider community of readers. And buyers. For today, anyhow, I'm hopeful the doctor won't predict my imminent demise. The books go out in the mail tomorrow.

Library Thing Book Giveaway

One more day to go in my LibraryThing promotion. The screenshot says it all. Twenty-five LibraryThing members., of the more than a hundred requesting, will soon be receiving a copy of Grandmother's Devil & Other Tempting Tales.

Screen Shot 2020-06-12 at 10.40.21 AM

eBook is Available

File this under "The Things We Learn." The eBook versions of Grandmother's Devil & Other Tempting Tales has finally landed on Amazon after paying some very nice people in India a very reasonable amount of money to produce a .mobi file for Kindle. Among other things, this necessitated buying a Kindle so we could figure out how the book was actually going to look. Grandmother's Devil is currently not a moneymaking proposition - except for Amazon. It apparently will be a larger mess to produce additional files for Nook, Kobo, et al., since we will need to use arcane spells to go back to a Word document and then dance around a fire chanting incantations over the conversions. Expecto malum. I think we'll let this project sit for a bit.